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ROBO Database Reports Menu - 1981-1985

The data presented here for 1981-1985 are taken directly from the data produced by the Wang ROBO program; those for 1981-1983 are included in published reports available from the BCDC. One can search these data by using the "Edit" and "Find" functions of your computer. In this way, beneficial species released each year can be found in Section 5, or in Sections 1B and 2B, where their targeted host/prey/habitat can also be found. A list of all such target species for the year, listed by common and scientific names, and taxonomic Order and Family, can be found at the end of Sections 1B and 2B. In the same way, the State and County in which the beneficial species was released during each year can be found by searching Section 6. Involved personnel and facilities are listed in the various parts of Section 8, where the facilities and addresses are listed alphabetically by their acronyms. More details concerning the pollinators and other beneficial invertebrates and microbial organisms released are shown in Section 3 and 4. The ROBO database itself can be searched for more information concerning parasites, predators, weed control agents, and other beneficial organisms released.

As the new ROBO database is completed and data for years subsequent to 1985 is added, the information can be extracted through the Search function.

You can go directly to the year of interest:
1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985.

Reports for 1981

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Reports for 1982

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Reports for 1983

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Reports for 1984

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Reports for 1985

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