Archive of Interesting Repository Plants

New Plants! Cool Plants! Weird Plants!

Cluster cup rust of Ribes. (May 1998)

A Hop Photoessay (May 1998)

Five new blackberry, blueberry and strawberry cultivars released by ARS (January 1998)

Black Butte - Enormous new blackberry cultivar (July 1997)

Genetic dwarf pear: 'Le Nain Vert' dix ans plus tard... (July 1997)

The Giant Raspberries of Jilin (January 1997)

Old Home and Farmingdale... The Romeo and Juliet of Pear Rootstocks. (January 1997)

Armed Aliens Invade Pacific Northwest! (July 1996)

New Gooseberry Cultivar 'Jahns Prairie' Introduced. (July 1996)

Growing pawpaws in the west? (July 1996)

Taming A Wild Blueberry (June 1996)

Dive into the Strawberry Gene Pool (May 1996)

The first red pear (;^) April 1, 1996)

Profound Pear Pubescence Problem (;^) April 1, 1996)

Old Pears, Very Old - Still growing after all these years. (March 1996)

Ancient Ribes (March 1996)

A strawberry with Panache! (stripes) (February 1996)

There was a crooked man who had a crooked stick (Contorted hazelnut). (February 1996)

Hairy Raspberries! At least Rubus phoenicolasious is interesting to look at! (January 1996)

Deviant Child? This is what happened when a pear went messing around outside its genus! (January 1996)

The Medieval Medlar - a fruit from the middle ages! Have you bletted your medlars? (December 1995)

Help us identify this strange leaf disorder in Jostaberry. (December 1995)

Endangered pawpaw species Asimina tetramera fruits in NCGR greenhouse. (November 1995)

Pears from Kazakhstan - Plant explorers return with strange pear species. (November 1995)

Top Ten (or so) Currants and Gooseberries from 1995 Ribes field evaluations for fruit quality and disease resistance. (November 1995)

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